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We provide all kinds of Health IT products in collaboration with our outstanding global partners. We are dedicated in giving you the best possible services with the aim of solving the issues of Health at most vulnerable location from Urban to rural health care settings. We have the expertise of implementing facility based health care services and strengthen community health program. Interoperability along with the health care facility to community is essential for the continutity of care, so as to solve the issues of silos of technology, we Provide Health Information Exchange solution using the OpenHIE framework..

We install and manage
Bahmni EMR and CHT

Modern hospitals need to move on from traditional paper-based & manual approach to health record management and we provide the best possible solution available in the market.

Bahmni and CHT are highly configurable and user-friendly Clinical Information System to digitize hospital processes and data.

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We provide quality services in the following areas

Our services are all cutting-edge matching if not surpassing any competition in the field in both quality and pricing and adhere to all necessary international compliance standards and are highly elastic and configurable to your specific demands.

EHR Implementation

We work with Bahmni which is an amalgamation of OpenMRS, OpenELIS and Odoo designed to give you the most complete EMR experience. Along with that, we also implement the Nepali customization of the Bahmni system called NepalEHR, which is currently running on multiple locations throughout the nation.

mHealth Implementation

With the advent and surge of modern smart phones, we are also focusing on data collection by leveraging this technology. By implementing Community Health Toolkit (CHT), we simplify the process of collecting, organizing and reporting health information. Currently, we are the only ones in Nepal working with CHT.

Health Data Analytics

Generating meaningful reports out of raw data is paramount to improving efficiency, reducing waste as well as developing policies for better management and regulation of operations. Our team of experts, with comprehensive knowledge in the field of data and health, can help you in achieving this goal.

Here are the capable hands that you are entrusting your need to

Our team of experts have years of experience in their relevant fields and are dedicated to providing you a clean and hassle-free implementation or transition throughout the project duration spanning to future maintenance contracts.

Rajan Raut



Sanjaya Poudel

R&D Lead Health Information


Binita Adhikari



Dr. Rishav Shrestha

Chief Strategic Officer


Pavan Shakya

Chief of Partnership


Shristi Karki



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